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Use of Services
Definition of terms: (I, we and us refer to Secured Area Services Limited). Client, customer, ‘you’ refers to a client of Secured Area Services Limited that has paid Secured Area Services Limited in part or in full for its’ services.

  1. When instructing Secured Area Services Limited, you are entering into a legally binding agreement. Such an agreement obliges you (the client) to pay such fees as are agreed either verbally or in writing, and in return Secured Area Services Limited will carry out the requested services and provide you with a report on the outcome, written, orally, or in such a way as is deemed fit by Secured Area Services Limited.
  2. Refunds Policy. Where Secured Area Services Limited has been instructed to commence a service of any kind, and a of deposit or payment has been made by the client, these monies are non-refundable in full once Secured Area Services Limited has commenced work on the client’s instructions. Any refund made or offered by Secured Area Services will be limited by funds available after any direct or indirect liability incurred by Secured Area Services Limited including time used for the purpose of meetings, consultations, travel or preparation has been covered. If no work has been commenced by Secured Area Services Limited, and it is agreed by Secured Area Services that a refund can be made, a refund less 25% administration fee will be made.
  3. Fees. All fees for instructing Secured Area Services Limited are payable in advance of Secured Area Services Limited commencing work on any instructions for the client unless it is agreed in writing to start the work prior to payment. These fees are non-refundable unless agreed as per term (2) of Secured Area Services Limited’s terms and conditions.
  4. Consultancy/appointment fees and all associated expenses are payable and will be charged by Secured Area Services Limited at the rate of £180.00 per hour, whilst we or our agents are engaged at meetings either in person or indirectly by telephone, as a direct result of the consultancy. We will also charge mileage at £0.70 per mile and a traveling cost of £50.00 per hour per person plus any other travel or miscellaneous expenses incurred whilst traveling to or from an appointment or location. This charge is not applied for pre arranged TSCM sweeps within the UK as there is no charge for travel to or from a sweep location within the UK.
  5. Secured Area Services Limited, its agents, affiliates or representatives will make every effort through experience and also through the technical knowledge and equipment used, to ensure that all bugging or covert transmitters, recorders or any other aggressive system is identified and removed. Whilst we always endeavour to provide the most accurate information, we make no guarantee that the information contained in any reports provided to clients, whether implied or stated, either orally or in writing, are true and accurate. Secured Area Services Limited accepts no liability for any inaccuracies in its reporting, or the use, misuse or any loss arising directly or indirectly from its’ reports.
  6. Secured Area Services Limited is registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (England & Wales). Secured Area Services Limited will not knowingly carry out any services either directly or indirectly that may be in breach of data protection privacy laws. Any client that is found to be abusing the services of Secured Area Services Limited, for criminal or unlawful purpose will have their agreement(s) with Secured Area Services Limited terminated without notice. Secured Area Services Limited will always work within the law , and will assist any legally recognised authority in the prosecution of parties abusing its’ services. Secured Area Services Limited cannot offer legal advice and therefore it is the client’s full responsibility to seek the proper legal advice about what is lawful.
  7. Confidentiality. Secured Area Services Limited, its agents and representatives will under no circumstances ever disclose client information to any party without being served the proper legal instrument that Secured Area Services Limited must comply with, or unless the client requests or gives authorisation in writing to do so. Secured Area Services Limited considers all client materials, identity data, and all confidential material relating to client investigations as highly confidential.
  8. Services offered. If any payment is made to Secured Area Services Limited for any service whatsoever, it is on the understanding that Payment is for the work that Secured Area Services Limited or any persons working on behalf of Secured Area Services Limited are either about to carry out, or have already carried out. Under no circumstances is payment made on the basis of accuracy or findings or the successful detection location or removal of any hidden electronic devices or bugs. Furthermore if Secured Area Services carry out a risk assessment, it is understood that the report and it’s recommendations are views and suggestions made by Secured Area Services Limited, and Secured Area Services Limited do not accept the responsibility of financial loss caused either directly or indirectly as a result of implementing in full or part or by not implementing the recommendations.
  9. If for any reason the process of the sweep is halted by force or persuasion, or it becomes impossible due to safety or due to a person or persons preventing the continuation of the sweep, or requesting to stop the sweep, the full payment remains payable.

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