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Our sweep services are provided 24 hours a day, offering reliable and secure solutions to home, business and vehicle security.

Office and Business Bug Sweeps

Any bug, listening or recording device or data collection unit secretly planted within a work environment can result in potentially serious consequences. It can result in loss of data or details of private conversations and business plans to employees or competitors. Many of these bugging devices are well hidden and depending on type can last in place indefinitely, whilst being impossible to locate with physical searches or low level equipment. More information on commercial sweeps

Home Bug Sweeps - Detection and Removal

Any bug or listening device placed inside a home, not only allows others to listen to private conversations or secret video, but can also lead to data theft, a loss of home security, and in some cases a risk of personal safety. Our experienced sweep personnel use the same high level of sophistication used in office sweeps, consisting of multiple items of specialist detection, analytical and location equipment. More information on home bug sweeps

Vehicle Bug Sweeps

Any vehicle can be secretly fitted with either a hidden tracker, a bugging or recording device, or a combination unit tracking your vehicle and also recording or transmitting your conversations. If someone is tracking your vehicle, they can see exactly where you are and where you have been, and also where you are not! More information on vehicle sweeps

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