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Our bug sweeping services are provided London and nationwide 24 hours a day, offering reliable and secure solutions.

It is a FACT that any home can be secretly bugged by individuals or companies who feel they need or want information about the person or persons that live inside. A listening or spy bug can be placed in your home by a partner or family member, a work partner or friend, by an investigation agency for another individual, Police or another investigative body, a neighbour or landlord. A spy bug planted in your home is a severe attack on a persons private life, if a video bug has been planted, then the result can be even more serious and damaging. Our advanced bug sweeping service will find every type of bug, including bugs that are not actually transmitting at the time of the sweep.

How a Bug is Planted in Your Home

It is surprisingly EASY to plant a bug in your home; listening or spy bugs can be powered by an internal battery offering days, or more often weeks of spying. Bugs can also be fitted in the wiring of the home or even in an electrical item that is connected to the mains power lasting indefinitely.

Many people consider that being bugged or requesting a bug sweep is beyond the realms of "the norm" and that it is what spy films are made of. In reality however this is not true as very efficient and powerful bugs can be bought from several high street shops or dozens of internet suppliers for a hundred pounds or less. Bugs can be tiny devices that may be hidden in or under furniture, inside a radio, TV, speaker, book, pot, vase or almost any item within the home. Listening or spy bugs can also be disguised and can take the form of a plug socket, an extension lead, a pen, a calculator, a clock, a lamp or even a picture or a mirror on a wall.

Bugs can be planted by someone you may know, or they can be planted by experts. These trained agents can be paid to enter your home and to place a bugging device, recorder or hidden camera.

Our Professional Bug Sweeping Service Will Include The Following

A full bug sweep of all areas of the home using a specialised spectrum analyser.
A full bug sweep of all areas and fixed telephones using a near-field transmitter locator.
A sweep of all areas with an advanced NLJ detector to locate switched off or non-transmitting devices.
A room by room bug sweep for GSM bugs using specialist GSM locators and wireless network scanners.
A room by room sweep using a heat sensing thermal camera.
A full sweep of WiFi systems to detect any rouge or unauthorised devices.
A visual inspection in any areas of suspicion and including outside the building perimeter.

If required, we can also carry out software digital sweeps on Iphones and Pc's

How Long Will a Bug Sweep Take

The time it will take to carry out a bug sweep will depend on a number of factors including the size of the property and the security level of the sweep required. In general it will take between two hours to eight hours or more.

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