TSCM Countersurveillance Bug Sweeping Costs

Our sweep services are guaranteed 24 hours a day, anywhere in the UK - Please call 0207 138 3021 Nationwide Secured Area Services provide a professional and advanced technical service, capable of detecting and locating all types and levels of bugging and recording devices (including those that are not even actively transmitting) at a very competitive cost. We aim to provide this service to the majority of the UK with a 2 to 24 hour response.

Our charges are detailed below, but we invite all telephone enquiries where we will be able to discuss service options.

Please note, all prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

IMPORTANT: Please note, we are not a private investigation agency, who often rely on simple signal detection with basic equipment for bug sweeping; this process is unreliable and can miss many bugs. Most bugs available on the market now, will go into a sleep mode and STOP TRANSMITTING when the person who has planted the device is not using it at the time of the sweep.
The only way to find these is by using an advanced Non Linear Junction Detector NLJD in combination with a sensitive THERMAL CAMERA. The combination of these and other advanced equipment, will find bugs that are transmitting, not actively transmitting, and also those that are remotely switched off. We use this equipment, and we also have a very wide range of further equipment (please see our home page). Our equipment and expertise will scan and detect non-transmitting bugs, transmitting bugs, broadband and network bugs, specialist GSM bugs, simple recording devices (not transmitting), frequency hopping bugs, burst transmission bugs, video bugs, laser bugs, and bluetooth bugs. All these bugging devices are readily available at low cost on the internet.

Please allow sufficient time for a bug sweep, please allow up to 3 hours for a 1 bedroom apartment 3-8 hours for a house (depending on size) and 1 or 2 days for very large offices. We are available any time including days, evenings and weekends at equal cost.

Offices and Commercial Premises

These prices may vary slightly, depending on construction and layout

Area up to 500 sq ft - £ 650.00

Areas 1000 sq ft - £ 950.00

Areas 1,500 sq ft - £ 1,200.00

Areas 2,000 sq ft - £ 1,600.00

Areas 3,000 sq ft - £ 2,000.00

Areas 4,000 sq ft - £ 2,500.00

Areas 5,000 sq ft - £ 3,000.00

Areas 6,000 sq ft - £ 3,500.00

Areas 7,000 sq ft - £ 4,000.00

Areas 8,000 sq ft - £ 4,500.00

Areas 9,000 sq ft - £ 5,000.00

Areas 10,000 sq ft - £ 5,500.00

Areas 15,000 sq ft - £ 7,500.00

Areas 20,000 sq ft - £ 10,000.00

Areas 30,000 sq ft - £ 15,000.00

Over 30,000 sq ft please phone for a competitive quote

Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

Cars from £ 450.00 when booked without a property sweep (when booked with a property sweep £120.00)

Commercial vehicles from £ 450.00 - £800.00 dependant on size

Caravans, motor homes or yachts from £ 550.00 depending on size and location

Private Jets or other commercial aircraft £5,000.00 to £35,000.00 depending on size, location and circumstances


Houses / Homes Bug Sweep Prices based on house size

Apartment 1 bedroom or bed sit £ 650.00

Apartment up to 2 bedrooms £ 750.00

Apartment up to 3 bedrooms £ 850.00

House up to 3 bedrooms £ 950.00

House 4 bedrooms £ 1100.00

House 5 bedrooms £ 1300.00

Large 5 bedroom or 6 bedroom £ 1400.00 - £1600.00

House 7 bedrooms and above, please call for price

Prices are subject to VAT at the current rate

Threat Adjustment to Sweep Prices

Every case and sweep is different, however most sweeps fall into a "normal" threat status. There may be a requirement where a certain higher level of threat or more complex result of a threat may have occurred or be in existence, or it may be that the client requires a specific level of action to be taken. We fully understand these specific requirements, and will assist our clients as what may be a modified cost.

Emergency - Urgent Response Sweep 24 Hours

We can provide an emergency response sweep with an agreed attendance within 2 to 8 hours 24 hours a day. Depending on availability this is provided UK wide and is priced in accordance with the guaranteed response.

For prices, please refer to the above costs and add 50% for all sweeps.

TSCM Risk Assessment Prices

Pricing for Risk Assessment will vary greatly depending on several factors

Size of the building for a risk assessment The size and complexity of the building
Existing Security Proceedures Existing security procedures and physical protection
The industry and risk assessment threats The industry and typical or actual threats
Risk Assessment requirements The individual requirements of the Client
Covert or overt risk assessment If the risk assessment is to be carried out covertly or overtly

Meeting and Consultation Costs

Meetings at our offices are charged at £ 180.00

Consultation fees are charged at £ 180.00 per hour.

Please call us on 02071383021 to discuss options and pricing.

Please note, all prices are subject to VAT.

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