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Bug sweeping and detection of transmitters listening devices, hidden cameras, and data recorders made to any level of sophistication. Secured Area Services offers a UK wide TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) electronic bug sweeping service, at the highest possible level of security. Our countersurveillance experts are highly skilled and experienced in removing all types of listening, video, and data spying devices, and we are proud to be a listed supplier to the UN.
We work accurately, efficiently and confidentially. The main office is in London, providing a nationwide "same day" service.

Our TSCM bug sweeping service is ultra reliable

  • 18 years bug sweeping experience
  • Listed as an official supplier to the UN
  • Extensive equipment able to locate every bugging device
  • We will locate all bugging devices including switched off or non transmitting bugs
  • Dedicated TSCM Sweep company (not private investigation)

Our TSCM expert sweep teams are highly trained and experienced, and provide a discreet and personal service. We work closely with our clients, ensuring their specific needs are met, and provide the same advanced service to private clients, businesses and government departments. Our TSCM bug sweeping service can be provided 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, and we always aim to attend any sweep requirement at short notice.

Advanced Bug Sweeping Service

Our equipment can detect and locate bugging devices made to all levels of sophistication with reliability far beyond that of most detective agencies. Most bugs or listening devices available on the market are designed to go into a standby or sleep mode and stop transmitting, or are screened to reduce detection. As a dedicated Sweep company, we use advanced counter surveillance bug sweeping equipment, which includes military derived units,

Equipment for TSCM Bug sweeping service

A selection of the extensive equipment we use for TSCM bug sweeping

Our Clients

Our clients include private individuals requiring home bug sweeps, as well as law firms, trading companies, government departments, design centres, multi national companies, blue chip companies, international security organisations and a wide section of business offices throughout London, the UK, and many countries worldwide.

Short notice bug sweeps

Secured Area Services will always endeavour to provide a first class sweep service at short notice when possible, we work 24/7 and can usually respond within hours to any request.

Bug Sweeping - where are bugs placed?

An eavesdropping bugging device is often very small and can be planted in many different areas, including electrical sockets, lighting, electrical equipment, cables and connectors, vents, wall floor and ceiling cavities, electrical wiring, phone systems, small desk or shelf items, computer systems, wireless networks (WiFi) and also vehicles. Our effective bug sweeping service will cover every area where a covert, disguised or hidden bug can be planted.

Office Bug Sweeping

We have had over 16 years experience in providing bug sweeping services to companies from a few employees to large commercial organisations. Industrial and commercial espionage can do untold damage to a company; we can prevent it.

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Home Bug Sweeping

Not having privacy in your own home can be distressing or even dangerous. Hidden bugging devices can pass your private conversations and even video of you inside your home, to a third party silently and without you being aware.

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Car Bug and Tracker Sweeps

A vehicle tracker can provide live details of your exact position to a third party, maintaining a history of all your movements. Mobile vehicle bugs can also be used to listen and transmit private conversations held within the vehicle.

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